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This is a sample of photographs taken by Liz Parkinson of the birds, trees, ferns and reptiles found in the rain-foresty areas at the back of North Avoca. All these photos have been taken in the yard or in the bushland behind her house (except for the python, which was on her neighbour's back deck). There are some hundreds of different tree and fern species native to the area, and dozens of  birds and reptiles. There are also mammals such as possums and bats, while the once-plentiful indigenous koala species have been hunted to extinction on the NSW Central Coast.

Bangalow Bushland Blechnum Blueberry Ash Tree Fern
Bangalow palm Typical bushland Blechnum fern Blueberry Ash Tree fern
Bolwarra Burrawang  Lilly Pilly Giant Maiden Hair Fern  Bush Turkey Mound
Bolwarra tree Burrawang cycad
Lilly Pilly tree Giant Maiden
Hair fern
Bush Turkey
 Cordalyne Ground Fern  Land Mullet Kookaburra on the railing  Sandpaper Fig
Cordalyne Ground Fern Land Mullet Kookaburra
on the railing
Sandpaper Fig
Turkey on deck Polly's Python  Young Koel on old railing Two Corellas  Possum Feeding
Turkey on
the deck
Polly's Python Young Koel
on railing
Two Corellas Possum

All photographs Copyright Liz Parkinson, and she can be contacted by email.

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