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These drawings were all done when Liz was experiencing an allergy attack of some sort. This might have been eczema, hay-fever, asthma or conjunctivitis... or all of these at once! The most prominent of these conditions lately has been eczema, and this has given rise to a number of the artworks featuring a burning woman. This is because at these times, her skin becomes red & hot, and can literally feel as if it's on fire.

Ablaze by Liz Parkinson Bleary Eyed by Liz Parkinson Burning Boobs by Liz Parkinson So Hot! by Liz Parkinson Burning Bunny by Liz Parkinson
Ablaze Bleary Burning Boobs So Hot! Burning Bunny
Critters by Liz Parkinson Serenely Burning Gracious me! by Liz Parkinson Hot Face Day by Liz Parkinson Woman with a fiery face
Critters Serenely
Gracious Me! Hot Face Day Woman with
a fiery face
It's too hot here by Liz Parkinson Medusa by Liz Parkinson On Fire by Liz Parkinson Woman with the cracked face by Liz Parkinson Smouldering by Liz Parkinson
It's too hot here Medusa On Fire Woman with the
cracked face

Copyright Liz Parkinson

All the works shown here are the property of the artist and any copying by any means is strictly prohibited. Email Liz.