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Forresters Beach - a history

Written and illustrated by Liz Parkinson

This book, of 130 pages, tells the story of this Central Coast beach suburb from Aboriginal times to the present day. It is the first time that its history has been written, and some unusual tales have been uncovered in the process. It has gone from being a place for wild cattle during much of the 1900’s to the desirable beach location that it is today. The answers to the questions below, and more, will be found in the pages of this book.

* Who is Forresters Beach named after?
* Did you know that trains once ran there?
* Where was the 1930’s rock swimming pool?
* Where were “The Basin” & Finnicky Road?
* Where was the Bird’s Eye View Estate?
* Had you heard of the Japanese visitors in WW2?
* Where were the Candy and Flower Houses?
* What was The Rich Soil Estate?
* What were the Auto Cabins?
* Where was Central Park?

The launch was held at the Terrigal Rotary Hall on 3rd November 2019 and was launched by Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Jane Smith, and Gosford Local Studies Librarian Geoff Potter.

If you would like a copy of this book, you can contact Liz by email: 

Or you can write to her at: The Lazy Lizard, PO Box 157, Terrigal NSW 2260, Australia  



Please refer to thumbnails below for a selection of photographs contained in the book.
Click on an image to view enlargements of photographs and art.

1.1928 Holiday and Touring Guide – looking south;
2. 1928 Holiday and Touring Guide – Tuggerah Lakes bus; 3. St Stephens C of E, start of Tumbi Road – from Newcastle University;


4. A deserted Forresters Beach in 1962 – Liz Parkinson;

5. Central Park 10-pin bowling 1986 - from Gosford Library; 6. Auto Cabins, CC Highway – from NRMA’s Open Road 17.4.1930


LAND SALES 7. The Great Wamberal Lake Estate – Mitchell Library; 8. The Birds Eye View Estate - Gosford Times, 28 February 1929;
LIZ'S ART 9. Whale watching; 10. Lace monitor.



All artworks are copyright Liz Parkinson

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