Drawings of Women

Here is the latest book by the artist Liz Parkinson, with each page featuring a different drawing of a woman, or women. The figures are often surrounded by many exotic creatures and live in an imaginary landscape from another world. The striking cover of the book gives an introduction to the pictures inside, which are all drawn with pen and ink. Liz has a strong imagination and in real life, she lives in a rainforest environment with lots of diverse fauna and flora, which continue to inspire her creativity.

This book, of 35 drawings, with 40 counting the covers and miscellaneous pieces, would make a great coffee table book or present for anybody.


Available here for $6.50 including GST, plus postage and handling. 

Contact Liz Parkinson by email lizparkinson2002@gmail.com to order your copy.

Some examples of the Drawings of Women by Liz Parkinson

© All artworks are copyright Liz Parkinson

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