The Crazy Creatures Colouring Book

The Crazy Creatures Colouring Book

Reviewed by Terrence Relph

Here is an exciting new colouring book by the artist Liz Parkinson, which is ideal for people of all ages. The quirky drawings will be relaxing and fun for grown-ups to colour-in, while they will display a magical world to children. This is a place full of crazy creatures, which fly, swim, crawl or just laze about. Each page opens with a different story of real and mythical animals, which will give inquisitive children plenty to think about as they look for the right colours. The eye-catching cover of the book gives a young and old a lead into how to colour the pictures inside.

Liz has a vivid imagination and in many cases she has juxtaposed different animals together, which would never meet in a real world. Examples of this are: The pussy and the prawns; and The whale and the bird.

The artist hasn't studied art academically, and so has approached the project with a fresh perspective on the world. In real life, she shares her rainforest environment with lots of diverse fauna and flora, which continues to inspire her creativity.

This book, of 70 crazy drawings, would make a great present for anybody.


Available on this site for $6.50 plus GST, postage and handling. 

Also available at Pelekinesis and Amazon.

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Some examples of the Crazy Creatures in Liz's colouring book.

© All artworks are copyright Liz Parkinson

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